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Odds Bodds

odds and ends from a first-time novelist

Erin Bow
30 April
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  • erinbow@livejournal.com
I'm a writer, and this is my writer website.

I write poetry, and have published two books of it. I'm branching out into children's literature. I’ve written several picture books — my favorite is a retelling of Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight — and recently finished my first young adult novel, Plain Kate. The big news around here is that PK has been acquired for six figures by Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic

This little site has got writing news, whining about writing, notes to myself about writing, stories about the kidlings, and the little glittery bits picked up in reading and walking and sniffing about. Also some cooking and and random geeking out about the time the comment came within two degrees of Saturn. There are pictures of the cat. You know. Some of it is friends-locked. There's usually a new haiku on Fridays.

It also gives me a chance to tell you that, according to internet polls, I am a top quark, the third season of Buffy, decaf coffee, Morpheus, Sharon Olds, blue, the humour saguine, a INTP, a geek and a goody-two-shoes. Who are you calling decaf, Internet? Thems fighting words!